For want of a nail…

You joined the military wanting to serve your country, get away from a checkered past, find some discipline, whatever. None of that matters anymore. In a single wrenching moment, your eyes were opened: monsters are real.

You had barely gotten back to camp when you found yourself assigned a new home: Special Threats Company Zero, “Basilisk.” Others know about the things that go bump in the night, and bump it back with assault rifles and rocket launchers. Still, it was the same shit under a different name. Just another leash.

Then you met Connor and he offered a deal: turn your back on humanity and become something greater. Something primal. Help usher in a shining new future of beasts and rage and freedom, ruled by Nature red in tooth and claw.

In another life, you answered his offer with gunfire. Went back to Basilisk. Labored, uncelebrated by those you protected. Became heroes of the truest sort.

Not this life.

No leashes. No masters. Let the animal out and seize everything you have the strength to take. Tear down the lie of civilization. Howl your freedom to the moon. Show the world the Natural Order of things.

No Leashes, No Masters

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